#19 – holding

When you are small it seems
like the safest you can be is when you’re
holding your dad’s hand.

His hands are large
and warm
and they envelope yours.

You like to be snug in his lap on a cold winter’s evening
and high on his shoulders on a bright summer’s day.

You like it when he reads you stories with all the proper voices
and when he tells you of his adventures when he was as small as you.

One day you’ll come downstairs to find
that you no longer have to crane your neck
to see his face
and you won’t need him to lift you up
so you can reach the top of the cupboard.

You don’t need him to wipe your tears
or kiss it better when
you take a tumble
because you’re big enough to wipe your own tears
and you don’t think you need him anymore.

He knows better, and you will too.

But for now
the safest you can be is
holding your dad’s hand.


30 thoughts on “#19 – holding

    • Thank you! It was my favourite part of story time as a child 🙂 I had a look at your response to the prompt and it’s really great! The picture seems to have inspired so many good pieces.

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